JAST studio was born in Rome and emerges from the idea of the architects Ettore Terruzzi and Paola Trentavizi. It deals with architectural design, interior and industrial design on a human and environmental scale.
To the creative direction of the founders there are alongside the collaborations and experience of professionals in the field of architecture, engineering and craftmanship.The team operates at all levels of design and offers a complete service from concept to completion pursuing criteria of quality, sustainability and functionality.JAST studio prefers eco-friendly materials and technologies and promotes energy saving through the application of the bio-climatic principles.

I was born in Monza, I’ve lived most of my life in the area of low Brianza, north of Milan, a place rich in wood craftsmen and good design. Unfortunately (or fortunately) during the few months of my summer school vacations, when I was still a boy, my father sent me to work in his friends craftman’s workshops, where I started to learn one of the most beautiful job in the world, that of wood carpenter. For various reasons I’ve never undertaken that job, but this very first work experiences have allowed me to develop excellent manual and inventiveness skills, precious qualities that I’m still cultivating in my profession as an junior architect and designer.

My interest in architecture begun during a long trip to Australia where I stayed in passive houses and admired extreme climates landscapes punctuated by buildings made with poor materials, such as earth, wood, straw, corrugated metal panels.
Passive houses ensure the thermal comfort simply through the rational use of natural elements, resulting extremely pleasurable to live with their cool and balanced rooms in summer, dry, warm and bright in winter, all through the minimum use of energy-consuming systems. These important sustainable models are for me at the base of my designs.


2012 Ordine Architetti e Paesaggisti Roma&provincia – Membership
2012 Università La Sapienza di Roma – State Examination
2009 Sistema Ambientet S.r.l. Perugia – Expert in energy certification of buildings
2009 Association FAL. and V., Ganzlin Germany – Course on clay plasters
2007 Università di Firenze – Degree in Architecture
2006 Ufficio Tecnico, Comune di Città della Pieve (Pg) – Internship
2004 Centro di Permacultura La Boa (Ve) – Construction with straw bales
2002 Associazione culturale Torri Superiore (Ge) – Permaculture Design Course
1993 I.T.I.S. E. Molinari, Milano – Diploma in Industrial Chemistry
1992 Hammon High School, Indiana U.S.A. – High School Diploma